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UQ Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Service Policy

This is the current version of the approved document. You can provide feedback on this document to the Enquiries Contact - refer to the Status and Details tab from the menu bar above.

Section 1 - Purpose and Objectives

(1) The purpose of this Policy is to provide a framework and principles under which Multi-Faith Chaplaincy would operate within the University.

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Section 2 - Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

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Section 3 - Policy Scope/Coverage

(3) This Policy applies to all staff and students at The University of Queensland.

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Section 4 - Policy Statement

(4) The University of Queensland operates a UQ Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Service in accordance with the following three principles:

  1. The Service is ecumenical and multi-faith in approach. Chaplains, representing different faiths and/or branches of one faith, agree to work cooperatively.
  2. Chaplains appointed to the Service do not proselytise, but work in a wider faith and spiritual context. Any Chaplain in the team may deal with students and staff in relation to their general pastoral or personal needs or crises. The Chaplain will, however, refer them to a Chaplain of their own faith if the issue relates to matters relevant to their particular faith.
  3. The Service and its Chaplains are available to all people who seek their counsel and support.