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Industry Fellow Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose and Objectives

(1) This Procedure outlines the conferral process for ‘Industry Fellow’.

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Section 2 - Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Term Definition
Authorised Officer The officer authorised to exercise the relevant HR power or function in accordance with the HR sub-delegations instrument.
Enterprise Agreement The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2021-2026, or as amended or replaced.
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Section 3 - Procedure Scope/Coverage

(2) This Procedure applies to the conferral of the title of ‘Industry Fellow’.

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Section 4 - Procedure Statement

(3) Application for conferral or renewal of an Industry Fellow is made by completing the Adjunct Honorary and Industry Fellow Nomination Form - Conferral and Renewal.

(4) Industry Fellows will receive an offer of conferral.

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Section 5 - Remuneration for Industry Fellows

(5) If an Industry Fellow is to be paid, they will normally be engaged as a casual or fixed-term academic staff member and will also receive an offer of appointment that will detail the remuneration that is to be paid. 

(6) Remuneration for Industry Fellows will be commensurate with the level of qualifications and experience of the appointee, market conditions for alternative ways of getting the work done and the nature of the work itself. The salary rates payable for different types of academic work, including lecturing, tutoring, marking and other academic activities, as set out in the Enterprise Agreement and published on the University Current Staff web site under Salaries and Allowances, will be used as a starting point for determining the amount of remuneration for the work.