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Long Service Leave Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose and Objectives

(1) These Procedures outline the conditions and process for applying for Long Service Leave. Leave entitlements are provided through the Enterprise Agreement, the Leave Entitlements Policy, and the relevant legislation.

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Section 2 - Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Term Definition
Authorised Officer The officer authorised to exercise the relevant Human Resource (HR) power or function in accordance with the Human Resources Sub-delegations Instrument.
Continuous Service Service is considered continuous for the purposes of determining Long Service Leave where:
• the service is with The University of Queensland and:
    - there has been no break in service; or
    - where there is a break in service, the break is not greater than 3 months; or for research (contingent funded) staff members, the break is in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement.
• the service is recognised prior service.
Enterprise Agreement The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2021-2026, or as amended or replaced.
FTE Full-time equivalent.
Paid working period Actual working period for which the staff member has received payment.
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Section 3 - Procedures Scope/Coverage

(2) These Procedures apply to all continuing, research (contingent funded), fixed-term and casual staff members covered by the Enterprise Agreement. 

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Section 4 - Procedures Statement

(3) A staff member may access a period of Long Service Leave, subject to approval in accordance with these Procedures.

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Section 5 - Long Service Leave Entitlements

(4) A staff member is entitled to Long Service Leave after completing 10 years of continuous service.

(5) A staff member with recognised prior service from another Australian university becomes eligible for accessing Long Service Leave after completing 10 years of combined service, which includes a minimum of three years’ service at The University of Queensland.

(6) Academic staff members are expected to reduce the period of time that they will be absent during teaching periods and therefore Long Service Leave should be taken within one semester wherever possible.

(7) A professional staff member is expected to reduce the period of time that they will be absent during recognised periods where workload is seasonally high.

Continuing, Research (Contingent Funded) and Fixed-term Staff

(8) Long Service Leave is accrued at the rate of 1.3 weeks for each completed year of service. Upon completing ten years’ recognised continuous service, staff members are eligible to access Long Service Leave entitlements.

Casual Staff

(9) A casual staff member may be eligible to accrue Long Service Leave provided that the staff member has been employed on a regular basis and there is no break in continuity of service. For casual employment, service is considered continuous if there is no break in service of more than three months.

(10) A casual staff member’s entitlements will be calculated in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Staff with a Combination of Full-time, Part-time and/or Casual Service

(11) Where the staff member’s continuous service comprises a combination of full-time, part-time and/or casual service, the Long Service Leave entitlement will be pro-rata. The entitlement calculation will be based on actual hours worked during the accrual period, being not less than 10 years.

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Section 6 - Applying for Long Service Leave

General Provisions

(12) A staff member will be entitled to take between 1 and 4 weeks leave on three months’ notice, and more than 4 weeks’ leave on 6 months’ notice. In the absence of such notice, the approval of an application for Long Service Leave will be at the discretion of the Authorised Officer.

(13) A staff member may request to take their leave at half-pay, subject to operational requirements.

(14) A request by a staff member to cancel Long Service Leave will only be approved by the Authorised Officer in exceptional circumstances.

Cashing out of Long Service Leave

(15) A staff member may apply to cash out up to an equivalent period of Long Service Leave to the period of leave approved to be taken which will be paid alongside the staff members leave on a fortnightly basis. Staff members cannot request that the payment be made in advance.

(16) If a staff member receives approval to cancel their leave, and the University has made the payment, the University reserves the right to recover the cashout sum payment made.

Staff Member Responsibilities

(17) A staff member is expected to discuss requests for Long Service Leave with their supervisor and/or Authorised Officer as soon as practicable.

(18) A staff member should ensure they are eligible to access Long Service Leave entitlements prior to submitting a request for leave.

(19) A staff member may apply for a period of Long Service Leave. A staff member is required to provide the following information with their leave application:

  1. confirmation of eligibility where required; and
  2. whether they are seeking to take Long Service Leave at half pay and/or cash out up to an equivalent period of long service leave to the period of Long Service Leave requested

(20) The amount of Long Service Leave requested should have regard to the notice period provided.

Authorised Officer Responsibilities

(21) When considering applications for Long Service Leave, consideration should be given to:

  1. the eligibility requirements of the leave applied for;
  2. any evidentiary and notification requirements associated with the leave;
  3. operational requirements; and
  4. any relevant circumstances of the staff member.

(22) The Authorised Officer should only approve applications for Long Service Leave where entitlements have been verified by the relevant Human Resources Division staff member.

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Section 7 - Interaction with Other Leave Types

Public Holidays

(23) Long Service Leave is exclusive of public holidays, any discretionary Christmas/New Year University Leave provided and rostered days off.

Personal Leave (Sick)

(24) A staff member who becomes ill unexpectedly during a period of Long Service Leave may request to access Personal Leave for the period of the illness. A medical certificate must be submitted covering the period of illness for consideration by the Authorised Officer.

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Section 8 - Payment in Lieu of Long Service Leave on Termination

(25) Where a staff member has completed 10 years’ recognised continuous service and is eligible to access Long Service Leave, they will be paid in lieu any outstanding Long Service Leave entitlements upon the cessation of their employment at the University.

(26) On the death of a staff member, any balance of leave is paid to the legal beneficiaries through the designated representative of the estate of the deceased.

(27) Where a staff member’s employment ceases before the staff member has completed 10 years continuous service, the staff member may be eligible to be paid pro-rata Long Service Leave entitlements in accordance with the relevant legislation.

(28) In the case of a staff member accepting a voluntary separation package, the staff member will be paid pro-rata Long Service Leave entitlements for five years or more service.

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Section 9 - Management of Excess Long Service Leave Accrual

(29) A staff member who accrues in excess of 15 weeks FTE (543.75 hours) Long Service Leave can be directed to take leave in accordance with the provisions of the Enterprise Agreement.

(30) A staff member who has given formal notice to take retirement may not be required to take excess Long Service Leave within 24 months of their retirement date.

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Section 10 - Recognition of Prior Service with another Australian University

(31) The University of Queensland will recognise eligible prior service for the purposes of determining the period of recognised continuous service and the accrual of Long Service Leave. Prior service will only be recognised where there is a break of no longer than two months between the prior service and the staff member’s commencement with The University of Queensland.

(32) The University will recognise prior full-time and part-time continuous paid service within other Australian universities for the purpose of determining the qualifying service.

(33) The University will also recognise prior service for the purpose of determining Long Service Leave entitlements (i.e. leave accruals) provided that where a staff member has been paid in lieu of Long Service Leave, or has utilised Long Service Leave, such a period will be deducted from any entitlement due.

(34) The University will not recognise prior casual service from other Australian higher education institutions, nor will prior service be recognised for casual staff members.

(35) A staff member will be required to serve at least three years with The University of Queensland before becoming eligible to take accrued Long Service Leave.