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Parking on University Sites Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose and Objectives

(1) This Procedure details the permit and paid parking scheme by which the University manages the parking system on University campuses and sites.

(2) The scheme provides a uniform system for the administration and management of parking infrastructure.

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Section 2 - Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Term Definition
Vehicle As defined under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995.
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Section 3 - Procedure Scope/Coverage

(3) This Procedure applies to anyone who parks on University campuses or sites.

(4) Paid parking applies on the St Lucia and Herston campuses between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm, and at the Ipswich campus and Turbot Street site between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. UQ Gatton campus does not have a paid parking scheme but does have a permit system. The Paid Parking Scheme applies at the PACE site 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, including examination periods and vacations. Variations to these times can be authorised by the Chief Operating Officer.

(5) Relaxation of rules applies after 5:00 pm each weekday where vehicles displaying a valid permit or ticket may also park in all non-restricted parking zones.

(6) Queensland Traffic Regulations apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The speed limits on campus provide major safety benefits, and are enforced by Queensland Police. All roads and parking areas are suitably signed.

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Section 4 - Procedure Statement

(7) The parking scheme is regulated by the University of Queensland Act 1998 Schedule 1 and by the State Penalties Enforcement Regulation 2014.

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Section 5 - Paid Parking Scheme

Permit Parking

(8) Permits are available for full-time and part-time University staff. Permits are also available for retired staff, honorary, adjunct, and emeritus professors, motorcycle parking, and off peak parking. In some instances complimentary parking may be authorised by the Chief Operating Officer.

(9) Information on location, cost and other details can be found on the Parking at UQ website.

(10) Permits must be displayed on the left hand side of the windscreen and be clearly visible.

(11) Photocopies, facsimiles or any type of copy of a permit are not authorised for use.

Service and Maintenance Parking

(12) Parking bays are reserved for service and maintenance vehicles. All vehicles that use these spaces must display a service and maintenance permit that is issued by The University of Queensland, or must be a clearly marked courier vehicle or marked with the UQ logo.

(13) UQ decal or plated vehicles are authorised to park in service and maintenance bays.

(14) PLEASE NOTE: some service and maintenance bays are limited to two hours.

(15) Contractors and sub-contractors who work on building sites or major refurbishment projects are not entitled to purchase a service and maintenance permit and may not park in service and maintenance parking bays, but need to purchase a casual parking ticket valid in the zone in which they park.

Special Needs Parking

(16) The University of Queensland acknowledges that a range of circumstances exist where people may require special consideration with regard to parking on University campuses.

(17) Information on location, cost and other details of special needs parking can be found on the Parking at UQ website

Casual Parking

(18) Casual parking refers to all non-permit parking zones using pay and display machines. This parking is available for staff, students and visitors.

(19) Information on location, cost and other details of casual parking can be found on the Parking at UQ website.

(20) Pay and display tickets must be displayed on vehicle and must be clearly visible.

Loading Zones

(21) Loading zones are provided only for the loading and unloading of goods and equipment.

UQ Decal or Plated Vehicles

(22) UQ decal or plated vehicles are authorised in:

  1. Service and maintenance bays;
  2. All-Day zones (all campuses and sites);
  3. P11 Conifer Knoll Carpark, Level 1, Restricted Zone.

(23) When the vehicles are parked in the short-term or long-term zones, the driver is required to pay the requisite zone fee.

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Section 6 - Regulation of Paid Parking Scheme

(24) Infringement notices are issued by handheld ticket issuing devices. The list of infringement penalties, the process for appealing an infringement and payment of penalties can be found on the Parking at UQ website