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Identification Cards for University Staff and Associates Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose and Objectives

(1) This Procedure outlines the application for and use of identification cards for University staff and persons associated with the University.

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Section 2 - Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Term Definition
ID Card Identification cards and access cards
Organisational Unit Card Custodian Person authorised to issue identification cards
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Section 3 - Procedure Scope/Coverage

(2) This Procedure applies to all staff at the University and any persons who are deemed to be associates of the University e.g. temporary contract staff, visiting researchers, staff employed by other organisations operating on the University campus (kindergartens, student unions), non-paid university staff (e.g. adjunct, honorary, conjoint staff and senators) and volunteers.

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Section 4 - Procedure Statement

(3) The Identification Card provides proof of employment and association with the University and can be used as identification for purposes such as library borrowing privileges, photocopying and controlled access to secured areas.

(4) It is the responsibility of each school, section or organisation to determine its requirements in relation to:

  1. whether identification cards are to be issued;
  2. whether the issue and/or display of identification cards is compulsory; and
  3. the procedure that is to be followed if a cardholder has lost, damaged or has too many cards, or needs an ID card to be reissued due to change of name.

(5) It is recommended that each organisational unit manages this Procedure through one point of contact, the Organisational Unit Card Custodian. This may be the Human Resources Division staff member in each unit.

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Section 5 - Obtaining an ID Card

(6) Once an organisational unit has determined its requirements in relation to identification cards, the issuing of identification cards must be authorised by a relevant officer (Head of School, School Manager) within each unit or by the appointed Organisational Unit Card Custodian.

Application Process for Obtaining New and Replacement ID Cards

(7) The authorising officer must submit:

  1. The person’s name, the purpose and duration of the appointment/association with the University (to the authorised unit staff);
  2. If library privileges are required, the cardholder’s name, purpose, and duration of the appointment/association with the University (to the Information Access and Delivery Service at the Library);
  3. A Request for Internal Services Quote form (RISQ) must be completed to pay for the cost of the card, the plastic holder, the lanyard and clip. The requisition should state the cardholder’s name; Aurion and employee number (if applicable); school, section or organisation. Associates also need to list the association with the University that they seek to have inserted on the card. This may be the person’s role (e.g. "volunteer", or "visitor") and/or the organisation (e.g. UniQuest);
  4. Individuals must take the relevant forms in person to the ID card service in order to apply for the card, have the photograph taken and to receive the card. These services are located at St Lucia, Level 2 Duhig Building; and at the Student Centres at Herston, Gatton and Ipswich campuses; 
  5. If a card is lost, damaged or stolen, the cardholder is entitled to a replacement card. When a replacement card is issued, a new version of the bar code is generated. The cardholder should take the new card to the Library to get their record updated to reflect the changes in the card. Replacement cards are obtained by the same procedure as for obtaining an identification card, via the Organisational Unit Card Custodian.

Building Access Coding

(8) With the appropriate authorisation, identification cards may permit access to secured areas and buildings. The Head of Organisational Unit or the Organisational Unit Card Custodian must notify UQ Security of the access level required (both the site and duration of the access) for the identification card’s magnetic strip to be coded appropriately.

(9) All swipe transactions are monitored in order to maintain security.

(10) ID cards must be submitted to the UQ Security office for coding.

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Section 6 - Cardholder Responsibility

(11) The cardholder has responsibility to:

  1. provide full and complete information to be used in the production of the identification card;
  2. notify Security and the Library immediately if their identification card is lost or stolen;
  3. ensure identification and contact information is current by promptly changing personal details (e.g. address, name change) using MyAurion or by contacting the relevant faculty HR staff; and
  4. return the identification card to their supervisor when they cease their association with the University.

(12) The Identification Card must be produced on request and remains the property of The University of Queensland.

(13) Any attempt to fraudulently obtain an identification card will be dealt with under the University statutes and rules and/or referred to law enforcement agencies.

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Section 7 - Use and Display of Photographic Images

(14) Individuals who wish to be exempt from a requirement to display their identification card should apply in writing to the Head of Organisational Unit for approval. If approved, a copy of the approval should be forwarded to the Director, Human Resources and the Organisational Unit Card Custodian.

(15) Individuals who wish to be exempt from the inclusion of their photographic image on the identification card on the basis of religious or cultural beliefs, or exempt from the use of their photographic image for other purposes, should apply in writing to the Head of Organisational Unit for approval. If approved, a copy of the approval should be forwarded to the Director, Human Resources and the Organisational Unit Card Custodian.

(16) Photographic images that are included on the identification card are stored electronically. Heads of Schools, Executive Deans or senior officers of the University seeking staff image files must apply to the Director, Human Resources to access these images. The Director will ensure that it is an appropriate use of the image and that none of the staff concerned have sought exemption from use of their photographic image for other purposes.

(17) Allowable reasons for access include, for example, the display of a photograph gallery or publication in promotional material.

(18) Requests for access must state:

  1. the reasons why permission is sought;
  2. the proposed use of the images;
  3. whether electronic or print copy is required; and
  4. plans for deletion or return of the image after use.

(19) Upon approval being given, Human Resources Division will authorise generation of the required image. Approved exemptions from the use of photographic images and applications for use of images for other purposes, together with a record of the outcome, will be retained on a University file.

(20) Other than in exceptional circumstances, no individual who is external to the University will have access to any cardholder’s personal details or photograph without their consent. Such applications would be subject to the approval of the Chief Operating Officer.