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Communications and Public Comment using The University of Queensland's Name Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose and Objectives

(1) This Procedure outlines editorial quality standards expected of University staff when producing print, audio, video or internet news material on behalf of the University. It also outlines the protocol and authorisations required for distribution of official University news material, and permissions required for use of the University’s name. This Procedure supplements the policy on media comment, editorial standards and the use of the University’s name.

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Section 2 - Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

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Section 3 - Procedure Scope/Coverage

(3) This Procedure applies to people identifying themselves as UQ staff members producing editorial material for release in the public arena, and for people receiving requests for use of the University name.

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Section 4 - Procedure Statement

(4) The University has developed procedures for the production of a variety of news materials for internal and external audiences. Staff should apply the highest standards when writing for these audiences.

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Section 5 - News Release Distribution

(5) News material officially representing the University should be distributed by Marketing and Communication (M&C), although the University encourages one-on-one media relationships by divisional communications officers and staff to achieve community engagement and to encourage accuracy and high take-up of University stories.

News Distribution

(6) Wherever stories are prepared, all official University of Queensland news releases must be issued by M&C. This is to ensure that:

  1. a uniform quality standard is applied;
  2. stories are distributed to current media distribution lists;
  3. stories do not clash with other major UQ stories issued the same day; and
  4. the University is aware of stories being released and approved and that University staff named in stories are available for comment.

(7) Materials representing faculties, schools, centres, institutes and commercialisation bodies are generally prepared by communications professionals employed by those divisions, and submitted to M&C for distribution in University and external media. In addition, staff may choose to write opinion editorials directly for news organizations, or for blogs or other audiences within their areas of expertise to facilitate public engagement.

(8) Associated commercial units – for example UniQuest, JKTech, Uniseed, i.lab, UQ Union, UQ Press, and UQ Sport – are discrete business entities entitled to generate and distribute their own news releases. However M&C will need to approve any references to the University within these releases, and requires business entities to copy them on draft releases for their information.