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Confirmation and Promotions Committee Guideline

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) This Guideline relates to the Professorial Confirmation and Promotions Committee (PCPC) and the Local Confirmation and Promotions Committee (LCPC), in terms of their coverage, composition and the delivery of responsibilities.

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Section 2 - Committee Coverage

(2) All applications for confirmation at Academic Level E and promotion to Academic Level E will be considered by the PCPC.

(3) Applications for confirmation at all other Academic Levels and promotion to Academic Levels C and D will be considered by the Faculty LCPC, incorporating Institutes and Centres where relevant as noted below:

  1. Faculty of Business, Economics & Law
  2. Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
    1. Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
    2. Sustainable Minerals Institute
  3. Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
  4. Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
    1. Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation
    2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit
  5. Faculty of Medicine
    1. Queensland Brain Institute
    2. Institute for Molecular Bioscience
  6. Faculty of Science
    1. Centre for Advanced Imaging
    2. Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation

(4) Applications for promotion to Academic Level B will be considered by the relevant Executive Dean or Institute Director.

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Section 3 - Committee Composition


(5) The principles seek to ensure appropriate representation on committees through a balance and combination of:

  1. Representation across the Faculty and Institute(s)
  2. Experience across academic categories and disciplines
  3. Gender and background
  4. New and experienced members
  5. Where possible, the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members on the Committee, particularly where applicants who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders will be reviewed.

(6) Committee members will normally serve for three years. Where members are selected based on an identified role or management position (e.g., Head of School, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)), the term will not be limited.

Local Confirmation and Promotions Committee (LCPC)

(7) Each LCPC will be chaired by the Executive Dean, include an internal and external LCPC representative and, in addition, typically include either:

  1. a member at Academic Level C and D, two members at Academic Level E, relevant Institute Director (or delegate), none of whom should be on probation or seeking promotion; or
  2. the Heads of School and cognate Institute Directors; or
  3. a combination of these compositions.

(8) A quorum will be the Chair, the external LCPC Representative, and three other members.

(9) Prior to the beginning of each year, each LCPC Chair will submit their nominated LCPC composition to the Academic Confirmation and Promotions Advisory Committee (ACaPAC) for endorsement before being provided to the Provost for approval.

Professorial Confirmation and Promotions Committee (PCPC)

(10) The PCPC will be chaired by the Provost as the Vice-Chancellor's nominee, with the remainder of the committee comprised of:

  1. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), or nominee;
  2. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), or nominee;
  3. President of the Academic Board;
  4. Four members of the professoriate appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on recommendation from the Provost; and
  5. Chief Human Resources Officer, or nominee acting as secretary to the Committee.

(11) The Vice-Chancellor, on recommendation from the Provost, may invite an external member to participate as a full member of the Committee, generally for a term of one year.

(12) A quorum will be the Chair, the President of the Academic Board (or nominee), a Deputy Vice-Chancellor (or nominee), and three other members.

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Section 4 - Roles and Responsibilities

(13) With reference to the committee responsibilities outlined in the relevant procedures, the following additional responsibilities apply.


(14) The LCPC Chair is responsible for ensuring that the recommendations at Mid-Term Review are clearly articulated, recorded and communicated to the staff member. Similarly, where extensions are granted, the LCPC or PCPC Chair is responsible for ensuring recommendations and justification are clearly articulated.

(15) In exceptional circumstances, the Chair position can be delegated to another Professorial member of the Committee for the purposes of allowing a meeting of the Committee to be held. However, recommendations made by the Committee must still be endorsed by the Executive Dean (in the case of LCPCs) or Provost (in the case of the PCPC) following the meeting.

LCPC Representative and Deputy LCPC Representative

(16) The LCPC Representative is a Professorial staff member selected by the Chair. In addition to serving on their Faculty’s LCPC, they are required to serve on the LCPC of a ‘paired’ Faculty.

(17) The Deputy LCPC Representative is a Professorial staff member selected by the Chair. It is expected that the LCPC Representative will mentor the Deputy LCPC Representative prior to their succession as the next LCPC Representative. Where required due to issues of availability, the Deputy LCPC or alternative LCPC member representative may serve on the LCPC of the ‘paired’ Faculty.

Committee Members

(18) Committee members are required to maintain confidentiality, including the contents of application documents, any disclosures made by the applicant during the interview process, and committee deliberations.

Committee Secretary

(19) The Committee Secretary is responsible for ensuring the administration of the process, including finalising application documents for committee review, ensuring relevant Workday tasks are completed and outcomes are provided to staff members in line with required timelines.