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Salary Loadings and Performance Payments Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) This Policy outlines the principles and key requirements which underpin the salary loadings and performance payments provided by The University of Queensland (UQ or the University) for staff.

(2) This Policy applies to all staff excluding casuals.

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Section 2 - Principles and Key Requirements

(3) UQ is committed to providing competitive remuneration to attract and retain outstanding staff, which may include the payment of salary loadings, clinical loadings and performance payments. To achieve this, UQ:

  1. will ensure staff are remunerated in accordance with legislative requirements, the Enterprise Agreement, UQ policies and procedures, and through individual contractual arrangements.
  2. is committed to gender pay equity and to implementing UQ wide strategies with a view to eradicate gender based pay inequities.
  3. will manage the payment of staff through an efficient and responsive payroll system and service, in accordance with the requirements under the Enterprise Agreement.
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Section 3 - Roles, Responsibilities and Accountabilities

The University

(4) The University has a responsibility to meet the applicable legislative requirements for the payment of salary loadings and performance payments. These obligations are outlined in the Enterprise Agreement and the Salary Loadings and Performance Payments Procedure.

(5) The University also has a responsibility to meet commitments set out in individual employment contracts.


(6) Managers have a responsibility to ensure that work performed by staff under their authority is in accordance with the staff member’s employment contract and within the experience and tasks expected of the staff member’s classification.

(7) Managers are also expected to consider applications by staff under their authority for entitlements under the Enterprise Agreement or under policy in a timely manner having regard to:

  1. eligibility requirements;
  2. the staff member’s personal circumstances that may apply; and
  3. any evidentiary and notification requirements.


(8) Staff have a responsibility to notify their manager of any circumstances which may prohibit the staff member from performing their duties outlined in their employment contract.

(9) Staff must provide reasonable evidence as required in accordance with the Salary Loadings and Performance Payments Procedure.

Human Resources Division

(10) The Human Resources Division (HR) will provide advice, in consultation with the Total Rewards Specialist Centre, to ensure allowances paid are used strategically and maintain a level of consistency and equity in their application.

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Section 4 - Monitoring, Review and Assurance

(11) The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for monitoring, review and providing assurance on the effectiveness of this Policy for staff.

(12) Remuneration paid to staff is monitored, reviewed and quality assured in accordance with legislative requirements and UQ’s policies and procedures.

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Section 5 - Recording and Reporting

(13) HR is responsible for retaining records of salary loadings and performance payments in accordance with the Information Management Policy and the Privacy Management Policy.

(14) The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for undertaking legislated annual gender pay analysis and reporting.

(15) Recording and reporting for salary loadings and performance payments are completed in accordance with legislative and UQ requirements.

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Section 6 - Appendix


(16) Enterprise Agreement – The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2021-2026, or as amended or replaced.