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  • Parking on University Sites PolicyPolicy providing the framework within which parking is regulated on UQ campuses and sites.
  • Philanthropy and Fundraising PolicyPolicy applying to all UQ staff who act for or on behalf of UQ to facilitate philanthropic contributions to UQ.
  • Privacy Management PolicyPolicy outlining UQ’s obligations and expectations regarding the management of personal information in accordance with relevant privacy laws.
  • Procurement PolicyPolicy providing the overall framework and direction for the sustainable, systematic and disciplined performance, management and governance of procurement at UQ.
  • Professional Doctorates PolicyPolicy applying to all Professional Doctorate programs offered at UQ.
  • Program Design PolicyPolicy setting out the principles and requirements that inform the structure and design of all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs leading to the conferral of a UQ higher education award.
  • Programs, Plans and Courses Quality Assurance PolicyPolicy setting out the principles and requirements for comprehensive cyclical reviews of UQ's undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs.
  • Public Interest Disclosure PolicyPolicy applying to UQ Senate members, staff and others who make a disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure Act.