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Higher Degree by Research Candidature Charter Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) This Policy sets out the provision of support, mentoring and developmental opportunities that a candidate can expect and also describes the expectations of the University in relation to the conduct and performance of the candidate. It applies to all Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidates, all advisors of HDR candidates, all enrolling Academic Organisational Units (AOUs) and all other units of the University that support HDR candidates.

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Section 2 - Principles and Key Requirements

(2) HDR candidates are recognised as developing early-career researchers and during their candidature it is expected that they will undertake original research and scholarly activities, develop their disciplinary knowledge and research capabilities, as well as gain transferable and professional skills. This Policy sets out the mutual expectations of the University and HDR candidates.


(3) UQ will provide the following support, mentoring and developmental opportunities to HDR candidates:

  1. the opportunity to develop the qualities, skills, knowledge and abilities set out in the Higher Degree by Research Graduate Attributes Policy;
  2. participation and representation in relevant forums at enrolling AOU, Faculty and University levels;
  3. access to academic support and student services;
  4. provision of a suitably-qualified advisory team capable of guiding the candidate towards the timely and successful submission of a high-quality thesis, subject to satisfactory progress and the continuing availability of appropriate Advisors;
  5. provision of information relating to access to funding and infrastructure support and appropriate resources to complete their program;
  6. adequate information and clear procedures to make informed decisions in relation to management of intellectual property, authorship and agreements with third-parties;
  7. access to a process to address grievances and appeals against decisions, which can be found at Student Grievance Resolution Policy and Academic Administrative Appeals by Students Policy.

(4) Candidates will be treated with courtesy and respect, and be afforded a safe environment in accordance with UQ policies, including but not limited to, the Health, Safety and Wellness PolicyPrevention of Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Behaviours Procedure and Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy.

HDR Candidates

(5) HDR candidates are required to be familiar with and adhere to relevant UQ rules, policies, procedures, guidelines and codes of conduct, wherever they are applicable to candidature.

(6) HDR candidates are responsible for:

  1. taking an active, self-motivated approach to their research, HDR candidature and career development that leads to the production of a thesis and to the qualities, skills, knowledge and abilities set out in the Higher Degree by Research Graduate Attributes Policy;
  2. engaging in academic discourse with their advisory team and be receptive to discussion and guidance;
  3. following UQ rules, regulations and guidelines pertaining to their degree and to raise any questions or concerns with their Advisors, the enrolling AOU’s Postgraduate Coordinator, the Head of School or the Institute Director, or the Graduate School, whichever is appropriate in the context;
  4. abiding by ethical approvals for the work wherever necessary, be aware of compliance issues, and abide by health and safety policies and procedures as required;
  5. showing respect towards all persons including other members of staff, to students and to the general public;, including those involving social media;
  6. understanding expectations and responsibilities, contributing to fostering a respectful and safe environment as set out in the Student Code of Conduct Policy, and behaving in a manner consistent with these expectations, including UQ policies such as Health, Safety and Wellness PolicyPrevention of Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Behaviours ProcedureSexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy, and Intellectual Property Policy.
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Section 3 - Roles, Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Graduate School

(7) The Graduate School is responsible for managing HDR candidature in accordance with UQ policy and procedure.

Academic Organisational Unit

(8) The relevant AOU is responsible for ensuring a supportive research environment and adequate resourcing for the student’s project and development.


(9) Advisors are responsible for ensuring supervision of the student in accordance with the role of HDR research advisors, as specified in Eligibility and Role of Higher Degree by Research Advisors Policy.


(10) Candidates are responsible for responding to requests in accordance with program requirements, maintaining progression of their candidature, and for abiding by University of Queensland policies and procedures.

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Section 4 - Monitoring, Review and Assurance

(11) The Graduate School will monitor candidate progression, including numbers of reported grievances, appeals and misconduct relating to HDR candidates. The Graduate School will also encourage HDR candidate participation in surveys and other feedback mechanisms.

(12) HDR candidates also have representation on relevant UQ committees, which provides an opportunity to raise concerns and provide feedback.

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Section 5 - Recording and Reporting

(13) Student progression is recorded in accordance with Higher Degree by Research Candidature Progression Policy.

(14) Grievances, appeals and misconduct are recorded in accordance with Student Grievance Resolution PolicyStudent Integrity and Misconduct PolicyAcademic Administrative Appeals by Students Policy and Managing Complaints about the Conduct of Research - Higher Degree by Research Candidates Procedure.

(15) Advisory performance and eligibility for registration on the UQ Principal Advisory Registry is monitored by the Graduate School in accordance with Eligibility and Role of Higher Degree by Research Advisors Policy.

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Section 6 - Appendix


Term Definition
Enrolling AOU An Academic Organisational Unit that directly enrols HDR candidates
HDR Higher Degree by Research