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Academic Records Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose and Objectives

(1) This Procedure enacts the Academic Records Policy.

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Section 2 - Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Term Definition
Academic Transcript Official academic record, certified by the Academic Registrar.
CAPP Committee for Academic Programs Policy.
Census Date The date set by the University by which all enrolment fees must be finalised.
GPA Grade Point Average (GPA) is defined as the average of the grade of results obtained by the student in all courses in which the student is enrolled, weighted by the unit value of each course in accordance with the following formula –



          G = the grade of result in a course; and
          P = the unit value of that course.
          If a student is enrolled in a course but gets no result, G=0.

Clauses 124-126 of the Assessment Procedure explain how a non-graded pass (P) and a non-graded fail (N) are considered.
mySI-net The user interface to The University of Queensland's student administration system. This interface allows students to manage their UQ enrolment details via the web.
Studies Report Unofficial academic record; displays progress report and administrative information about a student's studies at UQ.
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Section 3 - Procedure Scope/Coverage

(2) This Procedure applies to all staff and students of The University of Queensland.

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Section 4 - Procedure Statement

(3) The following procedures detail the form of academic records at The University of Queensland, including:

  1. the display of courses and grades on academic records;
  2. the display of short form credential modules on academic records; and
  3. amendments that may be made to the information contained within academic records.
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Section 5 - Academic Records

Academic Transcript

(4) The academic transcript is the enduring record of the student's academic activities while enrolled at the University and is not subject to change except under limited provisions.

(5) The academic transcript will include the following categories of information where applicable:

  1. personal details including student number and full official name (note: date of birth is not included);
  2. all effective enrolments with the exception of those courses where withdrawal without academic penalty has been approved;
  3. for each course, details of the course code, course title, unit value and finalised grade;
  4. for courses delivered under a special topic, the title of the special topic;
  5. shorter form credential modules for which a passing grade is gained;
  6. details of transfer credit awarded for each program, including credit for prior UQ and non-UQ studies;
  7. details of exemption awarded for each course, including the date granted and the basis for exemption; semester GPA;
  8. degrees conferred and the date of conferral of the degree;
  9. class of honours awarded and the weighted score used for calculation of the class of honours;
  10. University prizes and scholarships awarded on the basis of academic merit;
  11. University Medals;
  12. Dean's Commendations for Academic Excellence;
  13. notations regarding participation in schemes that acknowledge student achievements that have been approved by CAPP for recording on the transcript;
  14. for postgraduate research students, the commencement, interruption and termination of candidature;
  15. disciplinary decisions resulting in expulsion by Senate; and
  16. for students who have completed all program requirements more than eight weeks prior to the next graduation period, a notation regarding completion of the program requirements.
  17. grades obtained at other institutions will be neither displayed on the academic transcript nor included in the GPA calculations

Studies Report

(6) The studies report will display the information contained on the academic transcript in addition to any other notation related to the student's enrolment and academic progress that is deemed to be of an internal administrative nature.

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Section 6 - Information Provided in Academic Records

Personal Details

(7) A student or former student may make application to the University to have their legal name changed on their academic record.

(8) The request to have a change of name must be submitted in writing to the Student Centre and must be accompanied by original, or a certified copy of, suitable documentary evidence of the change (e.g. Certificate of Marriage, passport, legal name change).

Effective Enrolments

(9) Where an enrolment is not effective (e.g. cancelled or withdrawn prior to the census date) the course will not be recorded on either the academic transcript or the studies report.

(10) Where a student is granted permission to withdraw without academic penalty (refer to Enrolment Procedure), the course will not be included on the academic transcript but will be included on the studies report as a result of “W”.

Course Details

Supplementary Assessment

(11) Where a supplementary assessment is granted, the final result including the original grade will be recorded on both the academic transcript and the studies report in the following form: original grade; S; final grade (which may be a maximum of 4).

(12) Example: 2S4 denotes an original grade of 2, the award of a supplementary assessment, and the award of a grade of 4 in the supplementary assessment.

Changes to Finalised Results

(13) Requests relating to changes to finalised results under the Assessment Procedure are to be addressed to the approving officer identified in that procedure.

Enrolment and Academic Progress

(14) Where a student is subject to a progression alert or progression intervention notice, and/or is refused enrolment under the Enrolment Procedure and/or Academic Progression Procedure, a notation of the status and any subsequent decision regarding re-enrolment is included on the studies report only.