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Lodging a Claim for Workers' Compensation Guideline

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) This Guideline outlines how to lodge a claim for workers’ compensation at The University of Queensland (UQ) and should be read in conjunction with UQ’s Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Policy and Procedure.

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Section 2 - How to Lodge a Claim for Workers’ Compensation

(2) Should you wish to lodge an application for compensation for a work-related injury, you will need to submit the below forms to UQ’s Workplace Injury Management unit (WIM):

  1. Application for Workers’ Compensation Form - Mandatory. Please ensure this form is signed by you and a witness on page 4. NOTE: this witness does not need to be a witness of the incident, they are simply witnessing your signature.
  2. Form 1 - Mandatory. Please include details of all doctors / hospitals / other treatment providers whom you have attended in relation to the claimed injury.
  3. Form 2 - This form is only required if there was a witness to the injury. If so, this form will need to be completed by the witness.
  4. Form 3 - Mandatory. You must declare all previous similar injuries. If you have not had any similar injuries, please record “Nil” on the form.
  5. Form 4 - This form is a mandatory requirement if your injury occurred while you were travelling to or from work, or on a break from work (e.g. lunch break).
  6. Workers' Compensation Medical Certificate - Mandatory. This certificate needs to be completed by a doctor who attended you in relation to the claimed injury and submitted to WIM. You will need to attend a doctor and ask for a workers’ compensation medical certificate for the injury.

(3) Please ensure all sections of the forms are completed fully and accurately, and all forms are signed and dated.

(4) Please lodge your claim with WIM by emailing the above completed forms and workers' compensation medical certificate to

(5) Please complete an incident report if you have experienced an injury or illness that has occurred as a result of UQ’s operations and undertakings. See guidelines in Health and Safety Incident and Hazard Reporting Procedure.

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Section 3 - After Claim Lodgement

(6) You will receive acknowledgement of your claim lodgement from WIM within one business day.

(7) Once your claim is lodged with WIM, WIM have 20 business days to investigate and determine (accept or reject) your application.

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Section 4 - Medical and Allied Health Treatment

(8) While your claim is pending, you are free to seek medical treatment at your own expense. If your claim is accepted, WIM will reimburse you for out-of-pocket medical expenses, up to the amounts specified in the WorkCover Queensland Tables of Costs.

(9) Prior to engaging any medical or allied health treatment, please advise the service provider that the treatment relates to a workers’ compensation claim, and ascertain if they charge fees pursuant to the WorkCover Queensland Tables of Costs. If your chosen treatment provider charges more than the amounts set out in the Tables of Costs, you will be responsible for the ‘gap’ payment, which will not be reimbursed if your claim is accepted.

(10) If your claim is rejected, medical and allied health treatment expenses will remain your responsibility.

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Section 5 - Support While Your Claim is Pending

(11) If you require return to work assistance to accommodate your injury in the workplace, please contact your supervisor, HR Representative, or Work Health and Safety Coordinator (WHSC).

(12) There are a number of services that may be of assistance to you whilst your claim is being determined:

  1. UQ’s Employee Assistance Program, provided by Benestar, which can be contacted on 1300 360 364.
  2. Workers Psychological Support Services which can be contacted on 1800 370 732.
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Section 6 - How to Contact WIM

(13) Please address all correspondence regarding your claim to

(14) WIM can be contacted by phone on 07 3365 6022.

(15) Please call or email WIM with any queries relating to workers’ compensation matters.