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Staff Movement Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose


(1) The University of Queensland (UQ) encourages and supports staff movement within UQ, and between UQ and external organisations, to meet the strategic and operational requirements of UQ, and to provide valuable professional capability development to staff.

(2) Staff movement can enhance UQ’s overall performance by:

  1. improving the transfer of information and ideas; and
  2. enhancing organisational relationships through increased understanding on the part of the staff involved.

(3) Staff secondment between UQ and another organisation may also enhance industry collaboration.


(4) This Policy applies to:

  1. all UQ staff responsible for organising and negotiating staff movement opportunities as detailed in the Staff Movement Procedure; and
  2. paid UQ academic and professional staff who participate in UQ internal or external to UQ staff movement opportunities.
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Section 2 - Principles and Key Requirements

(5) UQ is committed to supporting and retaining high quality staff who are able to contribute to UQ’s wider strategic objectives, and to providing developmental opportunities for staff through staff movement opportunities.

(6) Staff movement opportunities will support the principles outlined in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Behaviours Policy and associated procedures, and the relevant Enterprise Agreement provisions.

(7) Supervisors are to encourage and support staff in broadening their knowledge and skills through opportunities in line with the Staff Movement Procedure.

(8) The Human Resources Division (HR) will provide advice to UQ supervisors, UQ staff, and external organisations on staff movement options and requirements in accordance with this Policy and the Staff Movement Procedure.

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Section 3 - Roles, Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Role Actions
Authorised Officer Meets the operational requirements and strategic direction of UQ, through staff movement arrangements in accordance with this Policy and associated procedure.
Manager/supervisor Encourages and supports staff members to participate in staff movement opportunities to broaden their knowledge and skills.
Staff member Meets the operational requirements and strategic direction of UQ, through movement to temporary or continuing positions in accordance with this Policy and associated procedure.
Human Resources Division (HR) Provides advice and support to Organisational Units, individuals and external organisations as required, relating to the requirements and processes for staff movement in accordance with this Policy and associated Procedures.
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Section 4 - Monitoring, Review and Compliance

(9) The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for monitoring, review and providing assurance on the effectiveness of this Policy.

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Section 5 - Recording and Reporting

(10) HR is responsible for retaining records of staff movement in accordance with the Information Management Policy and procedure and the Privacy Management Policy.

(11) Recording and reporting for staff movement are completed in accordance with legislative and UQ requirements.

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Section 6 - Appendix

Terms Definition
Authorised Officer The officer authorised to exercise the relevant HR power or function in accordance with the Human Resources Sub-delegations Instrument
Enterprise Agreement The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2021-2026, or as amended or replaced.