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Recording of Teaching at UQ Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose and Objectives

(1) This Procedure outlines the process and steps relating to recording of teaching at UQ.

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Section 2 - Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Term Definition
Record(ing) Audio and/or visual recording using University-approved technologies, unless a different type of recording is specifically identified.
Lecture A formally timetabled class where the focus is on the Lecturer's presentation, explanation and analysis of key academic content.
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Section 3 - Procedure Scope/Coverage

(2) This Procedure relates to recordings of teaching undertaken in recording-enabled learning spaces at UQ.

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Section 4 - Procedure Statement

(3) All teaching staff are required to ensure that lectures timetabled in recording-enabled venues are recorded where this is academically, legally and technologically feasible.

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Section 5 - Availability of Recordings

(4) Under normal circumstances, recordings will be made available on the relevant course site within 48 hours of the learning event. To assist students with course revision and examination preparation, recordings will at a minimum remain accessible on the course website until after supplementary examinations have been finalised.

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Section 6 - Provision of Recording Transcriptions

(5) The university aims to provide valuable learning and revision materials to students. Thus, Course Coordinators are required to provide transcripts or closed captions for recorded lectures.

(6) All recordings made available to students in courses must either:

  1. use an approved technology that automatically generates a transcript and/or closed captions; or
  2. have an available transcript and/or closed captions to accompany that recording using approved technology.

(7) If a Course Coordinator believes that the transcripts and/or closed captions are or will be of such low quality that they will be unintelligible or will impede student learning, they may apply for permission to withhold the transcripts (see clause 10).

(8) UQ uses technology to create transcripts and/or closed captions for lectures and that process is inherently fallible. It is not expected that teaching staff review, correct or edit such transcripts and/or closed captions. Accordingly, such materials may contain errors and/or omissions and students should exercise caution and not rely solely upon such materials.

(9) Transcripts Advice will be placed at the top of every ‘Learning Resources’ page within Blackboard to communicate the information described in clause 8. 

(10) A Course Coordinator wishing to obtain permission not to provide transcripts or closed captions must apply for exemption through the Head of School to the Executive Dean prior to the commencement of the course and before publication of the Electronic Course Profile (ECP).

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Section 7 - Non Recording of Teaching 

(11) The University recognises that there are circumstances where it may be inappropriate to record particular teaching content. Where Course Coordinators and Lecturers need to stop recording (for example, in the interest of privacy or for other legal reasons), they may use the pause and resume recording functions. Lecturers and Course Coordinators may also edit a recording after it has been produced to improve its quality or to delete inappropriate or restricted content. Lecturers and Course Coordinators who become aware of infringing, potentially defamatory or illegal content in their lecture materials (including in recordings, transcripts and closed captions) should immediately inform their Head of School to ensure appropriate action can be taken.

(12) Non recording of classes must not be used as a mechanism to force attendance.

(13) A Course Coordinator wishing to obtain permission not to record a lecture or series of lectures in enabled venues must apply for exemption through the Head of School to the Executive Dean prior to the commencement of the course and before publication of the Electronic Course Profile (ECP).

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Section 8 - Applications and Approvals

(14) Requests for exemption must normally be submitted to the Head of School no later than three weeks prior to commencement of the semester.

(15) Where exemption is supported by the Head of School, it will be forwarded to the Executive Dean for a decision, and where approved, published in the ECP.

(16) Executive Deans may permit Course Coordinators not to use recording facilities in the following circumstances:

  1. the Course Coordinator will record the lectures using other approved methods and will make the recordings available to the students on the relevant course site; or
  2. the Course Coordinator has strong and academically justifiable reasons for not recording the class.

(17) At the beginning of each semester, the Executive Dean will submit a report to the Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee, identifying courses where such exemption has been approved and providing justification for each decision.

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Section 9 - Student Recording of Teaching

(18) Students are not permitted to record teaching in any venue or online without explicit permission of the Course Coordinator. Course Coordinators may allow students to record teaching where academically and technologically appropriate. Students must not publish recordings.

(19) Students with a disability may, through agreement in their Student Access Plan (Disability), be permitted to record classes (see Reasonable Adjustments - Students Policy).