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Academic Titles for Health Professionals Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) The University of Queensland (UQ or the University) recognises health professionals who contribute significantly to its teaching, research and/or engagement programs by awarding academic titles.

(2) This Policy outlines the conditions of conferral and renewal of academic titles on health professionals. This Policy also applies to progression between academic levels.

(3) In relation to academic progression between levels, this Policy also applies to University academic staff (including conjoint and seconded academic appointees) who are appointed as Clinical Academics (CA) (see Academic Categories Policy) on a fractional appointment up to 0.3 FTE with the University.

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Section 2 - Principles and Key Requirements

(4) To be eligible for consideration for the conferral of an academic title, a health professional will be a regular and significant contributor to the University’s teaching, research and/or engagement programs.

(5) Academic titles for health professionals are awarded at a level consistent with that used for the University’s academic staff:

  1. Level A – Associate Lecturer
  2. Level B – Lecturer
  3. Level C – Senior Lecturer
  4. Level D – Associate Professor
  5. Level E – Professor.

(6) The criteria for the level of conferral are set out in the ‘Criteria for Academic Performance’ provisions of the Academic Titles for Health Professionals Procedure.

(7) Title Holders do not receive a salary or other remuneration from the University. However, reimbursement may be made for out-of-pocket expenses (for example, travel and accommodation) while on University business.

(8) Nothing in this Policy gives rise to an employment relationship between the University and the Title Holder.

Conditions for Conferral of an Academic Title

Conferral of Title

(9) Conferral of a Title will normally be for up to five years (excluding Registrars which are up to three years). The title will lapse unless a request for renewal is approved. There is no limit on the number of times a title may be renewed.


(10) Title Holders will enjoy, for University purposes, the precedence and courtesy due to serving members of the University at the designated academic level. It is usual for Title Holders to be included on the Organisational Unit’s website and other appropriate lists. 

Withdrawal of Title

(11) An academic title may be withdrawn at any time if the Authorised Officer considers that continuation is not in the best interests of the University. The Title Holder will be informed of the withdrawal of the title in writing. There is no appeal process to a decision made by the Authorised Officer. 

General Conditions for Academic Title Holders

(12) Title Holders will contribute to the work of the Organisational Unit in a voluntary capacity in such ways as are agreed with the relevant Executive Dean or Institute Director, in consultation with the relevant Head. Such contributions must be in accordance with the University’s current protocols, policies and procedures (with particular reference to those related to ethical conduct in the workplace, workplace health and safety, the Staff Code of Conduct Policy and Intellectual Property Policy and Procedure).

(13) Benefits to which Title Holders are entitled include:

  1. use of facilities and resources of the unit as appropriate by arrangement with the Head;
  2. appointment to Higher Degree by Research student supervisory or advisory roles, subject to normal approval processes;
  3. use of the University libraries and Wi-Fi internet facilities;
  4. access to administrative support for applications for grant funding, depending on the conditions of the relevant funding body, and access to internal research support by negotiation or application; and
  5. access to other research and teaching support and resources as negotiated with the Head.

(14) It is expected that, where appropriate, Title Holders will list UQ as an affiliation in the by-lines of publications, in addition to their primary affiliation, in accordance with the Authorship Procedure. In cases where any UQ expertise, resources, facilities or services (including library access) have been used in the research, inclusion of the UQ affiliation in the by-line is required.

(15) Title Holders are not eligible for membership of the Academic Board. Eligibility for membership of other University Committees or Boards will be considered by the relevant Head or Executive Dean or Institute Director as appropriate.

(16) Title Holders are protected as volunteers for liability arising whilst undertaking activities on behalf of the University or an affiliate. Title Holders are covered under the University’s Liability Protections including General and Products Liability, Professional Liability, Malpractice and General Clinical Trials.

(17) As Title Holders receive no remuneration from the University, they are not covered by the University’s worker’s compensation insurance. Title Holders have limited personal accident insurance.

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Section 3 - Roles, Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Academic Title Holder (ATH) Conferral and Promotions Committee

(18) The relevant ATH Conferral and Promotions Committee is responsible for considering conferral and promotion applications to Level D and E within the relevant Faculty and/or Institute, and providing recommendations to the Chair.


(19) The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for considering and determining appeals (Level E).


(20) The Provost (or nominee) is responsible for decisions made by the ATH Professorial Conferral and Promotions Committee, and considering and determining appeals (Level A – D).

Executive Dean

(21) The Executive Dean is responsible for decisions made by the ATH Conferral and Promotions Committee.

Head of School/Faculty Centre Director

(22) The Head of School/Faculty Centre Director is responsible for reviewing and endorsing applications prior to their consideration by the relevant ATH Conferral and Promotions Committee.


(23) Where the Supervisor is not the Head of School/Faculty Centre Director, the supervisor is responsible for providing an informative commentary and recommendation on the application to the Head of School/Faculty Centre Director and relevant ATH Conferral and Promotions Committee.

Academic Title Holders and relevant Clinical Academic Staff

(24) Academic Title Holders and relevant Clinical Academic Staff are responsible for ensuring their documentation is correct and up-to-date, and when applying for Level D and Level E titles, that the online application is completed in a timely manner prior to the scheduled Promotions Committee meeting.

Committee Secretariat

(25) The Committee Secretariat is responsible for supporting the Committee to undertake its obligations and responsibilities effectively in line with University policy, procedure, and associated standards.

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Section 4 - Monitoring, Review and Assurance

(26) The Chief Human Resources Officer, in consultation with the Provost, will be responsible for the continual monitoring of the effectiveness and application of this Policy.

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Section 5 - Recording and Reporting

(27) Information and documentation associated with the conferral, renewal and academic progression of Title Holders will be contained in the University’s Human Capital Management System (Workday).

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Section 6 - Appendix

Term Definition
Authorised Officer The officer authorised to exercise the relevant Human Resources(HR) power or function in accordance with the HR Sub-delegations Instrument.
CA Clinical Academic.
Conferral of title First academic title or a title at a higher level than previously conferred.
FTE Full Time Equivalent.
Head Head of School or equivalent.
Renewal of title Title at same level as previously conferred.
Title Holder Health professional academic title holder.